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Many larger Enterprises have been doing some version of “home office” and remote employee experiments for quite a while.  I remember, even several years ago, a client had us work on a digital signage “hoteling kiosk” whereby employees could reserve an office or a conference/huddle space upon arrival to a physical office space on one of the 2 or 3 days they might report to a physical Company location.

In recent weeks, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have heard that the new normal might go beyond “work from home” to something closer to “work from anywhere.”  So how might this change the landscape of your Employee and Internal Communications tools?  Your current or planned Digital Signage infrastructure might truly receive less views than in the past, but the need to communicate becomes even more critical, right?  In a recent article, Dave Haynes of Sixteen:Nine (an online publication that follows the Digital Signage space) says that Corporations must Adapt or Perish. Even with a dispersed workforce, Haynes says “Broadly, this may well be a golden age for digital signage technology. The need for effective, immediate, compelling and hyper-relevant messaging has probably never been higher.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, statistics said that only less than 10% of U.S. workers had the option to regularly work from home.  Employers are now actually reporting that they are seeing advantages of a work-from-home environment.  These range from reduced costs (real estate, utilities, etc.) to improved productivity (no lost time for commuting, employees actually working longer hours, etc.), to employee loyalty and job happiness (turnover lower) and finally a larger talent pool to choose from (with candidates today saying they would much rather work for an Employer offering remote possibilities).  Again, however, the need to communicate with your workforce is becoming even more important.

InstaAlerts Desktop Signage Application from MCC Media

Desktop Alerts Digital Signage Screenshot

Desktop Alerts Digital Signage Screenshot

Consider a tool that extends your Digital Signage platform to remote desktops as well.  MCC is happy to announce that, in addition to our MCC Media Digital Signage Platform (a true DSaaS – Digital Signage as a Service platform), we can also assist in all your Internal Communications needs with our InstaAlerts Desktop Alerts Solution.  These Desktop Alerts will compliment your Digital Signage network to provide workers the ability to receive, on their laptop or PC, the same type of messaging they would seen if they were in the office.  In addition, the content on the InstAlerts app can be customized to show any type of alerts or content you might need to provide your remote workers, such as, meeting reminders, metrics and KPI’s, or even emergency notifications.  All of this information is available instantly on your remote worker’s desktop.  And the best part is that the content is all created through the same MCC Media platform you already know and love.

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About the Author:  Kerwin Everson is a Sales Consultant specializing in MCC’s digital signage solution, MCC Media, with an extensive background in the digital signage industry.