professional and caring company

Dear MCC family,

You have a very unique company in that everyone we have come in contact with are all top notch. We are so pleased to do business with such a professional and caring company.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful team member you have in Jean Coetzee. He is our service technician, and he keep us up and running. He is always upbeat, with a wonder smile and attitude. I am not very tech savvy, but he never makes me feel bad about asking for help in what are many times simple procedures.

He is very knowledgeable, and not only can fix whatever goes wrong, but he explains what happened and usually why it happened. There are so many people that want to do their work and leave. Jean always makes sure we have what we need when we need it. He not only fixes our problems, he makes our day a little better because he was here.

I hope you appreciate what you have in him, and I am sure you do. He is a great asset to your company.
Thank you for listening. Now, having said all this, you are not allowed to take him away from us. We need him too much.