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At MCC, we believe in using the products we sell.  Each of our four locations are master showrooms for our solutions.  From our custom built Jackson, TN and Ridgeland, MS offices, to our remodeled Nashville office, our demo spaces and showrooms highlight what MCC has to offer our clients.

While our Memphis office is no less of a showroom, the building is not quite as new as the other three locations.  This means renovations and remodels are quite common around our Memphis office.  The most recent renovation was to our Security Solutions Demo space.


In the before photos above, you can see the space was quite dated and very cramped when there were several people in the room for a meeting or demo.  We pulled the hodge podge of equipment racks out and replaced them with one stand up rack that tucked nicely into the front corner out of the way.  Not only does it now house all the security computer and networking equipment, it’s new location behind the guests allows the salesperson to easily access the equipment for demonstration without having to negotiate around guests.


The 3 computer monitors sitting on the old racks were replaced with four 43″ 4K flat panel LCD monitors mounted to the wall.  This keeps them out of the way and brings them to a better line of sight for everyone in the room.


On the other wall, the photos taped to the wall were removed, as was the whiteboard/projector screen combo.  In their place, we added a 65″ 4K touchscreen and a Polycom Debut video conferencing system. Next to the Interactive Conferencing screen is the master panel that controls it all.  With the touch of a button, you can control pretty much any of the audio visual equipment in the room.

MCC's Custom conference table from Sound-Craft

In the center of the room, we replaced the outdated and too small, yet somehow too big for the room, table with a custom designed U-shaped conference table from Sound-Craft Systems.  This stunning table provides ample space for individuals to work and take notes during conferences while still allowing the freedom to move about the room without problem.  The U-shaped design allows the presenter to stand at the front of the room and interact with the display without being cramped.

MCC's custom privacy shades from Draper

Once we got the paint on the walls and all the systems in place, there was only one thing left that the new room needed.  Privacy.  Because this room is glass on 2 sides, not only do we get a ton of light in the windows from the lobby, but we also get glare on the monitors.  Because one purpose of the room is video conferencing, glare on the screens just wouldn’t work.  That’s where our partners at Draper Inc came into play and provided custom designed, motorized privacy shades to cover the windows.  Not only do these shades knock out the glare and provide privacy for the room’s occupants, but the custom design provides a wonderful backdrop for our video conferences.


In the video below, Joseph Kirk and Robyne Medlin from our Audio Visual Division, give you a quick tour of the all new interactive conferencing suite and show off our new custom built shades.  Check it out.

If you would like to see the Interactive Conferencing Suite or any of our Demo spaces in person, gives us a call or request a demo. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for the latest information from MCC.