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Banner Printing — Toshiba eStudio How-To Video Series Part 9

Welcome to Part 9 of the Toshiba how-to video series.  Today we are learning how to print banners from your Toshiba MFP.  If you missed a previous episode, you can find them here. Have you ever needed to print a banner, or anything on irregular paper sizes, but couldn’t figure out how?  Printing banners can […]

Mobile Printing — Toshiba eStudio How-To Video Series Part 8

Thanks for joining us for another how-to video in our Toshiba eStudio series.  This week we will learn how to use the mobile printing builtin to your iOS and Android devices to print to your new Toshiba MFP, as well as using Toshiba’s eBridge Print and Capture app for more control over your printing. We […]

Toshiba’s e-Studio Introduction Suits Small-To-Medium Businesses

Portrait Of Female Owner Of Fashion Store Using Digital Tablet To Check Stock In Clothing Store

Toshiba America Business Solutions introduced the latest addition to its industry-recognized multifunction product (MFP) line, the e-STUDIO ™ 2803AM. The new model of offering ledger-size supports outfits small-to-medium size business (SMB) owners with the necessary speed and feature-set to successfully manage their network-wide print and copy needs. Professionals should appreciate the product’s sharp 2,400 x […]