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Monitor Your Business Remotely with Advanced CCTV Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, business owners and decision-makers are constantly seeking ways to ensure the safety and security of their establishments. One such method is through the use of advanced CCTV solutions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the latest advancements in business CCTV remote monitoring technology and how they make it easier for you […]

How to Leverage Video Analytics to Improve Security

  Businesses today face a myriad of threats, both internal and external. While no company can be 100% secure, some steps can be taken to improve security and protect your assets. Businesses must do whatever they can to protect their assets, including using the latest technology.  One way to do this is by leveraging video […]

Protecting Our Future: Increasing School Safety

As the song says, ”the children are our future” and it is our responsibility to protect our future in every way possible. As parents, we insist our children wear seat belts in cars, wear helmets when they ride their bikes, and look both ways before crossing roads.  We teach them to not talk to strangers, […]

The Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership

When it came to opening its new facility in time for the first day of school, Knowledge Academies knew who to call for help and MCC Nashville answered the challenge eagerly. At MCC we are adaptive, and it took flexibility to accommodate the school’s schedule for a project that involved many facets.  “MCC Nashville moved […]

Securing Your Business With CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Updated – August 31, 2022 MCC Secure – Smarter Business Security As a business owner, you have spent countless hours building and growing your business. Now that you have established yourself in the market, it is time to think about securing your investment. Imagine all that hard work, not to mention money, disappearing with one […]

3 Types of Security That AV Systems Encounter In Higher Education

Source: 3 Types of Security that AV Systems Encounter in Higher Education | HARMAN Professional Solutions Insights There’s a wide range of meanings that can be ascribed to the word “security” in higher education. From IT Security to physical security to safety and emergency response, many disciplines fall under the term “security”. Schools typically address […]