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Protecting Our Schools: The Benefits of Gun Detection for Campus Safety

Protecting Our Schools: The Benefits of Gun Detection for Campus Safety School shootings have become an all too common occurrence in the United States. According to research from Sandy Hook Promise, each day 12 children die from gun violence in America and guns are the leading cause of death among American children and teens. The […]

How to Leverage Video Analytics to Improve Security

  Businesses today face a myriad of threats, both internal and external. While no company can be 100% secure, some steps can be taken to improve security and protect your assets. Businesses must do whatever they can to protect their assets, including using the latest technology.  One way to do this is by leveraging video […]

Securing Your Business With CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Updated – August 31, 2022 MCC Secure – Smarter Business Security As a business owner, you have spent countless hours building and growing your business. Now that you have established yourself in the market, it is time to think about securing your investment. Imagine all that hard work, not to mention money, disappearing with one […]

3 Easy Steps to Protect IP Cameras From Hackers

Source: 3 Easy Steps to Protect IP Cameras From Hackers – Corporate Tech Decisions In a networked physical security environment, each embedded device is a unique computer complete with IP address, passwords, security configuration settings and vulnerabilities. Poorly configured devices can provide a hacker with the opportunity to gain entry into the network where they […]

Hidden Video Conferencing Camera

Another hidden audio visual treasure for your meeting space! MCC is your local Draper distributor. Give Joseph Kirk a call today at 901.725.9271!

Hidden Projector

Think you don’t have the space for a projector? Let MCC show you just how many options you truly have!

3 Types of Security That AV Systems Encounter In Higher Education

Source: 3 Types of Security that AV Systems Encounter in Higher Education | HARMAN Professional Solutions Insights There’s a wide range of meanings that can be ascribed to the word “security” in higher education. From IT Security to physical security to safety and emergency response, many disciplines fall under the term “security”. Schools typically address […]