Paperless productivity makes you thankful to the core


From: Flex CU Tech by Preston Packer

Paperless productivity makes you thankful to the core

This time of year promotes reflection on what we should be grateful for in our lives, from family and friends, to work and social life balance. It is a time to count our blessings, share our wealth with those less fortunate, and consider changes we can make to improve relationships and our own quality of life. And while Thanksgiving is a time for family and faith, the holidays often afford us time to evaluate changes we can make for the coming year to improve efficiency at work. Credit unions finalize budgets and plans with board members, and often the idea of a core system review is part of those discussions. When evaluating your current core technology, it is essential to consider how your core makes your work-life easier.

Consider paper, for example. Is your current core able to provide you and your members with the efficiency that paperless provides? If tellers are armed with scanners at their workstations, and can scan deposit checks and slips that then automatically integrate and update the member’s account within the core, you realize a time savings. However, it can also be a significant cost savings all around with reduced expenses associated with printers, ink, and paper.

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