5 Ways Digital Signage Can Provide a Better Experience for Tenants and Guests

  As competition for tenants increases, the need to differentiate and provide a unique, modern experience is growing. Multi-tenant properties are now turning to digital signage to create an inviting atmosphere that resonates with current and prospective tenants. But it’s not just about aesthetics—digital signage can offer tangible benefits that make life easier for tenants, […]

Digital Signage: How Your Hospital Can Use It To Engage And Educate Patients

  One of the biggest challenges for healthcare facilities is patient communication. Ensuring patients are provided with timely and accurate information about their health is vital to building a strong patient relationship. A 2021 article by Patient Safety Network stated, “Open communication between the medical team and patients and families can broaden perspectives, provide new […]

How to Increase Productivity via Improved Communication

I just read an article posted in the Modern Materials Handling publication, entitled Labor Management in an Automated World.  It seems that everywhere we look today, Enterprises and their Executives are trying to “do more with less” and many times to achieve the increased productivity desired, will turn to automation as the answer.  Many times […]

Business Communications Through Digital Signage – The New Normal

Many larger Enterprises have been doing some version of “home office” and remote employee experiments for quite a while.  I remember, even several years ago, a client had us work on a digital signage “hoteling kiosk” whereby employees could reserve an office or a conference/huddle space upon arrival to a physical office space on one […]

Social Distancing – How Long Will It Impact Retail Establishments?

How long will retailers need to be concerned about the side effects of COVID-19? Will social distancing become the new normal? Will it end with 2020 or can we expect to see these guidelines extend through 2021 or even longer? For retailers specifically, these guidelines bring a new set of challenges that owners must quickly […]