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Access Control


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Complete Access Control Security Solutions for Your Business

Protect your business with MCC’s access control security systems. Our intelligent door locks and gate controls integrate seamlessly with your existing security measures to secure the property while minimizing energy use. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can manage it all remotely, providing round-the-clock protection for maximum safety and efficiency.


Keyless Entry

Say goodbye to keys and manual door locks. With MCC Secure, you can control your door locks with card readers, biometric readers, access codes, or even through your smartphone.

RFID Badges and Card Access

Card access door locks provide a secure method of ensure only authorized personnel have access to your building and cut down on replacing manual keys after employee changes.

Mobile Notifications

MCC Secure's mobile app sends push notifications when unusual activity is detected such as, doors opened after hours, lights left on, doors not locked when expected, and people detected when or where they shouldn't be.

Biometric Controls

Our biometric controls are the latest in security technology. with fingerprint readers and facial recognition devices, you can be sure that only authorized personnel have access to your property.

Gate and Barrier Access

Need to secure more than your building? MCC can help with gate, barrier, and card access for your entire property. We also offer video and audio access controls for an added layer of security.

Remote Management

With our all-in-one app, managing your user access is simple and convenient from anywhere. Add or remove users, modify access rights, or even view reports of activities right from your mobile device.

Securing Your Facility with Keyless Entry

Smarter Access Control

Whether your business has one door or hundreds, Smarter Access Control can help you manage permissions for all the access points to your operation. You can add or delete employee access individually or in bulk within seconds, protect equipment, inventory, and employees against unauthorized access. With the new Mobile Credentials feature, assign employees access through their smartphones, eliminating the need to use physical badges or key fobs—which adds one more thing for workers to carry and can be lost.