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Welcome back to the Toshiba how-to video series designed to help you utilize the features of your new eStudio copier and MFP.  Last week we discussed Multi-Station Printing in part 3 of this 10 part series.  Today we will learn about Private Print.

Some times you need to print a document that might contain sensitive data such as resumes, HR documents, medical forms, etc. and do not want this information available to anyone who walks past the printer.  With Private Print, your document is sent to the printer and stored there until you are at the printer and ready to retrieve it.  Private print helps keep your sensitive information secure and even allows you to enter a password at the time of printing so your document can only be printed by you.

Here’s Toshiba’s video to explain how it works.

If you haven’t purchased or upgraded your copier yet, be sure to checkout our Document Solutions page for more information and request a free demonstration.

Come back next week as we discuss Embedded OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and searchable scanning.