Success Enabled

Grow your capabilities. Grow your business.

Security Enabled

Lexmark maintains a tenacious yet quiet focus on security. It's a proven, decades-long, no-hype approach to help keep customer output environments safe.

Built for Planet Earth

To help you limit your impact on the environment, Lexmark letter-format workgroup MFPs come equipped with various eco-responsible printing features, such as, enhanced power management, toner saver mode, and reduced paper usage in duplex mode.

Optimized for Office Space

Letter-format workgroup MFPs use up to 30% less space than 11X17 copiers in the same print-speed class, making them a smart choice if you're tight on office space.

Savings from acquisition to ownership

When it comes to cost savings, Lexmark letter-format workgroup MFPs win hands down. In addition to a more attractive acquisition price, you can opt for Ultra High Yield cartridges printing up to 55,000 pages to save even more.

No longer a printer but an intelligent device.

Today's business environments are ever-changing. The workplace has gone beyond the ability of any single device to reach the efficiency and productivity requirements of today's 24/7, technology-savvy, always-connected workforce. The era of treating printers as purely standalone devices and task-specific machines is over. The new breed of printers are intelligent devices equipped with the latest business solutions to address the most demanding needs of consumers.

Learn more about how Lexmark devices combine print and digital to give you the best of both worlds in our Intelligent Device Guide.