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via Monarch Basics

Printing remains an integral part of business. Numerous studies have found that the average office worker uses more than 10,000 sheets of paper a year. We’re not going to stop printing in the near future, but you can take steps to ensure that what you do print is done efficiently.

Here are few ways to minimize the amount of money your company spends on printing, and its impact on the environment.

Think before you print – Resist the urge to print everything and print only what you need. Employ selective printing. Do your reviewing and editing at your computer rather than with a printed document. Before printing from a website, use ‘Print Preview’ to make sure you aren’t printing pages full of ads, sidebars, or blank spaces that will only waste paper.

Ration your ink – Set grayscale as the default mode on your printers, and only print in color when absolutely necessary, as color ink is more expensive than black ink. Use draft mode when printing documents that don’t need to be high quality.

Get more out of less – Format documents you must print to reduce the amount of ink and paper required. Use smaller font sizes and ink-friendly fonts such as Ecofont or Evergreen; eliminate unnecessary spaces and images/graphics; and reduce the margins of your documents.

Use energy-efficient printers – An ENERGY STAR certified printer uses less power and prevents wasted paper. Make sure machines you buy or lease have an ENERGY STAR certification.

Use both sides – Duplex or double-sided printing, a feature on many business machines, enables you to print on both sides of a piece of paper, potentially cutting in half the amount of paper your office uses.

Avoid the fancy stuff – Utilize thin, inexpensive paper for interoffice or internal use. Only use a higher-grade paper when printing materials that will be used for presentations or distributed to clients.

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