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Increase Productivity via Improved Communications

I just read an article posted in the Modern Materials Handling publication, entitled Labor Management in an Automated World.  It seems that everywhere we look today, Enterprises and their Executives are trying to “do more with less” and many times to achieve the increased productivity desired, will turn to automation as the answer.  Many times it is a new machine or a robot or a sortation system, or similar.  This article points out that you must not forget your most prized possession – the people who must make it all happen.

Communication is Key

How can U.S. manufacturing companies ensure they get the productivity desired and attain other KPI Goals (safety, quality, on-time deliveries, Customer Satisfaction, and more)?  Many think first of R&D, investment in technology, new equipment, new processes, and so on.  Hopefully, most of us still have confidence in a U.S. workforce that wants to compete and do a good job for their employer.  Well, if you as a manufacturer or supply chain leader truly believe that, then sometimes the answer to increased labor productivity, believe it or not, is as simple as more effective communication.  How can you get the message across that “yes, your individual work ethic and daily output does translate to our Company’s bottom line” and do it in a way that is not simply beating them down with the message of doing more, working harder, working faster, etc.?

The answer is effective Employee Communication and Engagement that not only reports good news about the Company and creates employees who are effective “Brand Ambassadors,” but also lets the employee know how he/she is doing against their very own daily goals.  Sometimes the best productivity gains come from letting your employee know in real-time (not in retrospect) – how they are doing “right now” and what they need to do “the balance of the shift” to finish strong and make their goal.  It is amazing what visual supply chain communications can mean to your daily production, as well as in safety and quality results.  Many manufacturers report that use of digital scoreboards strategically placed within the manufacturing workplace, can increase productivity without spending a lot of money on expensive new production equipment and technology.  Further, they report a proven ROI and therefore communications solutions pay for themselves many times over.

MCC Can Help Increase Productivity

MCC is in the business of Intelligent Communications Solutions, and specifically, in the Supply Chain space, we offer several Signage and Reporting tools, via our MCC Media Platform.  Essentially, we offer DSaaS (Digital Signage as a Service).  These Supply Chain Management tools meet the needs of supply chain managers who are constantly challenged to increase their facilities’ profitability by either increasing output without adding costs, or maintaining output while utilizing fewer labor costs.  MCC’s Solutions always provide real-time, highly visible metrics and data that enable employees to see how they are performing against goals when they can/should adjust their behavior/production, and how they can maximize productivity/profitability.

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To learn more about MCC Media and our Real-Time Visibility Tools, reach out and contact us. We would love to begin the conversation of how effective communications could be exactly the answer you’ve been looking for.