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For the last few months, companies have had to adapt rapidly to the changing situation surrounding COVID-19.  From forced shut downs and remote working to strict guidelines for reopening, business owners have faced a unique set of challenges for which many were not prepared.  Luckily, technology has been racing to simplify these challenges for businesses.  One of these technologies, thermal imaging, is making it easier to protect your employees, your customers, and your business.

thermal scanning cameras temperature sensor
single person thermal imaging cameras
MCC Thermal Single Person Thermal Camera

A few months ago, security camera manufacturers saw the need to adapt existing thermal imaging cameras, traditionally used for industrial and military situations, to fill the need of business owners returning to work.  These cameras read heat signatures on people and objects and provide a color-coded readout to determine temperatures of anything in its view.  Today, manufactures have modified their cameras and software to provide a way for business owners to detect body temperatures of employees and guests to safely and quickly be notified of any person with a fever, one of the possible symptoms of the coronavirus. Placing these cameras at employee and customer entrances helps eliminate the need for an employee to manually take temperatures.

MCC Thermal - temperature scanning kiosks
MCC Thermal Scanning Kiosk

In addition to the thermal imaging cameras, there are thermal scanning kiosks that use a contactless wrist temperature scanner to quickly take temperatures and check for fevers. This kiosk can be combined with facial recognition and even your existing entry system to further protect your staff and business. With a small foot print and easy setup, thermal scanning kiosks make it easy to protect your business from liability and keep your staff healthy while reducing expenses required to manually check temperatures. And with a total cost of ownership at around $0.75 per hour, it is less expensive than paying your employees to monitor temperature stations.

MCC is proud to be listed on the state of Tennessee approved vendor list for thermal scanning PPE products. MCC Thermal is the perfect solution for businesses of all size and industry. Our thermal imaging cameras are great for warehouses, retail stores, and healthcare facilities with a large amount of traffic and the thermal scanning kiosk is great for all locations needing a smaller but just as effective device.  For more information on how MCC Thermal can be used in the healthcare industry, read our whitepaper.

We are living in a time of great change and businesses must adapt and change just as rapidly. Employees and guests demand a safe space to work and do business and business owners require a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure that safety.  MCC Thermal is the solution.

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