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how leaders must deal with crisis communications

COVID-19 has provided an education that most were not ready for.  None of us attended a course called Pandemic-101 in recent years, right? Has there been uncertainly? Of course.  Anxiety and fear – for sure. While the information has been inconsistent, if available at all, generally accepted behavioral science says that leaders must be as transparent as possible. It is what your employees need to process what is happening and to try to make sense of the confusion they face.

In a recent article by McKinsey & Company entitled A Leader’s Guide – Communicating With Teams During COVID-19, the emphasis is on how Leaders / Executives step up in a crisis like this to provide the words and the actions that help their employees and the Community they serve, feel safe and protected to the extent possible. While the bulk of the article provides very useful information specific to the 5-step life-cycle of this crisis, a few key points that distinguish superior crisis communicators must be shared:

*Give people what they need when they need it

*Communicate clearly, simply, and frequently

*Choose candor over charisma

*Revitalize resilience

*Distill meaning from chaos

“Effective communicators will take a deep breath and remember the basics while acknowledging what is unique about this moment”  — A leaders guide: Communicating with teams, stakeholders, and communities during COVID-19

Enjoy the linked article and let us know when you would like to start a conversation around communicating more effectively through many of the tools and technologies and solutions offered by MCC.  Perhaps we will discuss Digital Signage and how it can be used to communicate the Corporate message to employees and/or Clients.  We might discuss how to use huge screens and display software to project current business metrics with real-time updates, to the employees who need to make real-time decisions.  We might have conversation around large video walls for crisis Command Centers, or video conferencing solutions for remote workers / offices, or other.  When you speak with MCC, you are speaking with seasoned consultants who understand your business and can provide solutions tailored to your needs – both in crises times and between crises. Contact us today to begin the conversation.


About the Author:  Kerwin Everson is a Sales Consultant specializing in MCC’s digital signage solution, MCC Media, with an extensive background in the digital signage industry.