Problems Facing the Financial Industry

Physical Security

From banks to offices, security is a major issue facing the financial industry. In 2020, 1788 financial institutions were robbed and only 1500 of those had functioning surveillance cameras and even fewer had functioning access controlled entry and alarm systems.

Secure Document Management

No industry is more susceptible to cybersecurity than the financial industry. Secure document management is crucial to maintaining information integrity.

Customer Communications

Informing customers of changes and educating them about new features can be a challenge.  Mail marketing requires manhours to fold and stuff envelopes and billboards are expensive.

"57% of employees in the financial industry can work from home; more than any other industry."

- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

How We Can Help

CCTV and Controlled Access Security

MCC Secure, our all-in-one business security platform, allows you to monitor your business security from anywhere. Monitor cameras, door entry access, even temperature and lighting.

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Encrypted, Secured, and Certified Solutions

All MCC solutions are certified secure. From copiers to automated AR processing, security is our top priority.

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Easy and Secure Communications Options

MCC's communication solutions allow your employees to get their jobs done quickly and securely which saves you money.

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Seamless and Secure Collaboration with Webex

Looking for an easy and secure way to collaborate anywhere you are? Learn more about how Webex can help bring your employees together and get work done with seamless and secure collaboration from Webex.

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