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This new Cabinet SAFE module is designed to automate manual data entry and document-intensive review activities found in accounts payable and similar processes.

“We wanted to enhance the functionality of the original Cabinet AP and with the help of our users, we developed Cabinet AP 2.0,” said Andrew Bailey, president of Cabinet. “Cabinet AP 2.0 makes accounts payable processing easier than ever with its updated and improved features. By creating a system that reduces wasted time and money, the newest version of Cabinet AP helps organizations take control of their document-intensive processes in a more user-friendly and highly-accessible way.”

New features of AP 2.0 include:
PDF annotations, including system/custom stamps, text, and highlights
Process note history with quick reuse
Improved power user keyboard control for more rapid processing
Enhanced user interface presents more system information with a simpler design

Accessed through any modern web browser, Cabinet AP 2.0 is available on-premise and in Cabinet’s secure, private cloud.

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