On August 21st, 2017, people across the continent gathered in masses to witness a once in a lifetime spectacle: The Great American Eclipse. While some were lucky enough to be in the Path of Totality, like our folks at MCC Nashville, the rest of us watched in excitement as the moon blocked out most of the sun, leaving us with a “smile” from the heavens.

It is human nature to want to be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves. With the eclipse having come and gone, we are left with only memories. (Well, there may be a small portion of poor souls who walked away with permanent rings burned into their retinas.)

Experiencing the moon’s passing between Earth and our sun was more than just looking at the orange dot become a sliver of a crescent. From the screams of the cicadas, the eclipse could be heard. With from the sudden drop in temperature caused by the masking of the sun, the eclipse could be felt. Within those two and a half minutes, we all became part of something that was on a grander scale. Everyone’s eyes fixated on the same thing. No matter what part of the viewing path you were on, everyone was looking up. We all were gazing above and beyond, together.


MCC is blessed with some very talented employees.  The photos below were taken by two of those talents.  The first shots are by Matt Nelson, our IT Systems Specialist out of our Memphis office.  The last two photos were taken by Jason Feczko, General Manager of MCC Nashville.  Matt's photos were shot with his Nikon camera attached to his telescope in Galatin, TN.  Jason used a Pentax K10D for his photographs.  Please join MCC in congratulating both men for such amazing work and talent.  

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