12 Audio Spectrum Analysis Apps for Android and iOS Devices

There are a lot of different AV tool kit applications developed for the Android and Apple markets that address just about every A/V need. From lighting to audio, and everything in between, you can guess they have an app for that. However, there are also a lot of apps that are fine-tuned for a specific purpose. Whether you are measuring a throw distance for a specific brand of projectors or trying to measure the decibel output of a newly staged speaker system, purpose-specific apps are out there and most of them are very accurate.

Below are twelve Android and Apple audio apps for audio spectrum analysis. These apps cover a range of audio measurements, some measure RTA and others FFT, they also range in data presentation — some display 2-D graphs, both logarithmic and linear, and others display 3-D content with waterfall graphs. Regardless of the differences, similarities or unique qualities of each of these apps, they are designed with the A/V professional in mind.

  • Audalyzer
  • bs-spectrum
  • FFT
  • iGram Spectral Analyzer
  • RTA Pro Analyzer
  • SignalScope Pro
  • SpecScope Spectrum Analyzer
  • Spectral Audio Analyzer
  • SpectralPro Analyzer
  • Spectrogram
  • Speedy Spectrum Analyzer
  • Waterfall Spectrum Analyzer

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audalyzer          spectral-audio-analyzer_2

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