Are You Printing from Your Mobile Device?

Printing needs are constantly evolving. With mobile printing, you’re only a few simple steps away from having printed content, whether it’s from your iPhone, Android, laptop or iPad.

Although mobile printing solutions have existed for close to a decade, it hasn’t been discussed much prior to the last two or three years. Some early solutions were too complicated and required the use of a PC in order to communicate with the printer on behalf of the mobile device. Then mobile technology rocketed when Apple released the iPhone and Google introduced the Android.

Although mobile devices are still perceived as more of a consumer-driven market than a business-driven one, businesses are starting to catch on. It’s no longer enough to offer employees a fixed desk, a PC and an automated phone system. Businesses are learning that if they want to keep their tech-savvy employees on board and on task, they are going to have to accommodate them with the infrastructure they need to stay connected.

Two major capabilities have evolved in mobile technologies to help make mobile devices more business-friendly. First, the processing power and form-factor of mobile devices are now at the point where they can facilitate business programs and applications. Secondly, cloud computing and increased bandwidth make information far more accessible, regardless of the employee’s location.

It’s not uncommon for someone to do their job from their mobile device. Multi-tasking has been taken to a new level with mobile printing. Users running late for a meeting can send their presentations or hand-outs to any enabled networked printer from the road so it’s waiting for them when they arrive. Or, when away from the office and in another city entirely, users can access GPS information, inputting geographic search criteria into their mobile print app and find a local ePrint public print location – whether that’s at a FedEx store, hotel or library.

 Print functionality is made available on mobile devices using one of three basic methods:

• Mobile operating system integrated print support

• Email attachment

• Mobile apps

Mobile Printing provides users various options in order to flow better with how they work and they want their printing needs handled. Options are great and luckily they don’t have to be complicated.


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