Do You Know What the Most Overlooked Security Measure in the Office Is?

The F.B.I. estimates that U.S. businesses lose tens of billions of dollars every year due to theft of company data. Identify theft is a multibillion dollar industry that is used to fund organized crime. One or two pieces of personal information from your garbage are all that is required to steal your identity.

We spend a majority of our focus on how to protect our company’s assets and confidential material electronically but there is still a ton of paper being used in and out of our business day. Think of what could be attained – Client Names, Trade Secrets, Proprietary Information and the list continues on.

Where is your paper going? How is it being discarded? Hundreds of documents that can be extremely sensitive to your companies well being are simply thrown in the trash and eventually hauled away with all the rest of the garbage. Someone is waiting for you to make this error in judgment.

A common and very costly option to properly dispose documents is to hire an offsite shredder to come and collect your material for shredding. You are still relinquishing your control on how things are being handled. Sensitive documents are leaving your hands and being put into someone else’s who does not necessarily have your best intentions at heart.

The surest and most economical way to protect your company from data or identity theft is to shred sensitive documents in-house, at the source–in the hardened steel cutting shafts of one of Memphis Communications Corporation’s business shredders.

Shredders tailored for business use come in different sizes and capacities in order to best fit your needs. Stop surrendering control of your documents and start shredding in house today.


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