The Days are Numbered to Change Over to IMb


What is IMb?

Intelligent Mail® Barcode offer mailers the Postal Service’s next-generation mail delivery information processing. IMb services are built around barcode formats to be used on mailpieces, handling units (trays and sacks) and containers (pallets, et al.). The Intelligent Mail barcodes carry more information and enable more services than the barcodes used today.

          § IMb replaces POSTNET(TM) barcodes. It will be required to obtain automation discounts as of January 28, 2013 (10-50%-depending on the type of mail sent).

        Benefits enabled by the Intelligent Mail barcode

          § Reach the right recipients at the right time with automated address correction information provided by OneCode ACS. Improve response rates, drive revenue and reduce costly undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail.

                § Receive free Full-Service ACSTM with the intelligent Mail full-service option

          § Track your mail with OneCode Confirm. Provide better customer service, predict payments and avoid collection calls.

          § Monitor performance of mail consolidations and logistics providers with OneCode Confirm mail tracking.

          § Improve the environment with reduced UAA mail and electronic postage payments.

If you are currently mailing at discount postal rates, this applies to you.  If you are not mailing at discounted rates, we may be able to help you achieve postal discounts.

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