Toshiba’s new platform offers direct connectivity to enterprise systems & new cloud services

Toshiba e-BRIDGE Open Platform Connectors
Google Docs v3.0, Exchange v3.0, and SharePoint v3.0 Toshiba is proud to announce the release of Google Docs, Exchange, and SharePoint version 3.0 connectors. Each of these connectors offers new and updated features.
Toshiba’s Open Platform Connectors offer a high level of integration with e-STUDIO products. They provide direct connectivity to enterprise system and now cloud services.
The new v3.0 connectors include a clean new interface that is very easy to use. They comply with all network and cloud based security requirements and streamline hard copy document workflow with flexible workflow options.
Open Platform v3.0 Key Features
 Unified Operability
o Rich UI for eBX
o Selectable Scan Workflow
 Re-Rite V8.x support
 Cloud support
 New licensing system
Rich UI
Previous User Interface
New v3 Rich Graphic User Interface
Includes Thumb Nail Gallery, Finger Swipe and Dynamic Zoom
Selectable Scan Workflow
Open platform users can now select their workflow to scan the document or select the location first.
Re-Rite 8x Support
Toshiba’s award winning e-BRIDGE Re-Rite is a unique OCR solution
that integrates with Toshiba MFPs to enable one-touch automatic
OCR and conversion of paper documents that can be sent to shared
network folders, email addresses, FTP sites, Microsoft Exchange and
SharePoint. And now with the new Open Platform v3.0 connectors, Re-Rite can store
editable documents on the Cloud to access at your convenience. ReRite version 8
also offers additional output formats such as MS office 2007, new PDF formats, and
Cloud Support
This new series of connectors can handle “On-Premises”
applications including Microsoft SharePoint and now cloud-based
applications including Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs and
Google Apps. By storing data on the cloud, you can download data
anytime, anywhere, including to and from mobile devices. Basically
this allows you to take your office with you, everywhere you go.
By using e-BRIDGE Re-Rite, you can convert scanned image data
to digital documents that can be saved in “the Cloud” as editable
Information on Microsoft and Google Cloud applications:
Office 365:
Google Drive:

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